Saturday, September 15, 2007

"You Are Soo Good at What You Do"

Of all my many million dollar ideas (which so far have failed to earn a dime), the ones I like best involve patting yourself on the back. We need all the praise we can get. But no matter how much we may prompt our loved ones, even the most devoted among them can't lay it on thick enough. Or often enough. Or in enough specific detail.

My latest variation on this "can't-miss" theme is the Positive Reinforcement Fortune Cookie.

This is more or less the business plan: How great would it be if we could get all the acclaim we need exactly when we need it? From a cookie. Had a hideous day at the job? Been dissed? Been dumped? Our customized Positive Reinforcement Fortune Cookies are there for you.

To applaud your brilliance, your beauty, your putting prowess, your key lime pie, your wit, your writing. Whatever floats your boat. You choose the appropriate adulatory messages from our prepared list or write your own. We'll bake them into Positive Reinforcement Fortune Cookies, ready to be cracked open whenever you need a boost.

As all bright ideas must these days, the Positive Reinforcement Fortune Cookie has potential for an Internet counterpart. Imagine being able to click on a virtual Fortune Cookie, in the form of an icon on your desktop, and up pops an admiring message.

Here's a start on the list.

I've never heard such an incisive analysis.

My, you are a handsome woman.

That was awesome.

Nice arms!

You are a rock star!

You're much cooler than all the other moms / dads.

How did you raise such a well-mannered child?

You're HOW OLD? I don't believe it!

How DO you do it?!


Any other ideas?

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