Monday, October 15, 2007

The Truth About Rudy, pt 2

What is the truth about Rudy? Well, that depends on whether you happened to read page 6 or page 35 of the New York Post last Friday. On page 35 he's gaining on Romney in New Hampshire and very likely to take the nomination. On page 6, he's fast wearing out his welcome among the Republican conservative base. It seems they recently have encountered the flaky (to put it politely) Rudy. Here in New York, we know him well.

Never mind his political positions (which seem to change from week to week anyway), he considers himself exempt from having to behave in socially acceptable ways. All his recent pandering to the Right may be undone by the latest much-reported episode of boorishness. The assembled gun fanciers of the National Rifle Association were not happy when he broke off right in the middle of addressing them to take a cell phone call from his wife.

And then attempted to justify this lapse by (what else?) invoking 9/11. Inappropriate? Arrogant? Bizarre? Yes, yes, and yes. Also, overweening, peculiar and off-the-wall.

In my post a couple of months ago, "The Truth About Rudy," I repeated an ex-constituent's harsh take on "America's Mayor." Columnist Jimmy Breslin spoke for many New Yorkers when he wrote that Giuliani is "seriously miswired."

This latest cell phone incident helps explain why we New Yorkers are more likely to diagnose Rudy Giuliani than to support him.

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Grace Lichtenstein said...

So Ann, what argument can you suggest to help me persuade my best friend to vote against Rudy, if he wins the Rep. nomination, and for whatever Democrat wins the nomination, especially if it is Hillary? She's a lifelong New Yorker & I assume nominally a Democrat, but she voted for Rudy for Mayor twice because she thought he was good and tough. And she hates Hillary with that irrational hatred that some women seem to share.